Best Power Wheelchairs For Outdoor Use | Expert Picks (2022)

More than 13% of the entire U.S. population is dependent on a wheelchair, so it is evident that mobility restrictions or physical limitations can affect an individual’s independence. Here, a power wheelchair is a gift of mobility to those who are stuck within their homes because of any health problem, illness or injury. These wheelchairs can help people go out of the house without being dependent on anyone and enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. 

Power or electric wheelchairs come with four to six wheels to help with stability, and they are powered by batteries that last around 11-12 miles on a single charge. Our team has tested 50+ products from leading brands, evaluating them based on weight capacity, price, travel range, portability, and speed. We also consulted people with mobility issues to understand what exactly to look for! We hope this detailed review will help you find the power wheelchair you need.  

Best Power Wheelchairs For Outdoor Use | Expert Picks (2022)

Our testers with different mobility restrictions have reviewed these 5 best wheelchairs for outdoors use. And after testing them on various levels, we have highlighted their features, pros, cons, specifications, and a lot more. 

1. Porto Mobility Ranger 

Porto Mobility Best Power Wheelchairs

Our first best pick is Porto Mobility Ranger, which surpassed our expectations in every aspect. This award-winning portable power wheelchair gets folded within 3 seconds. So, you can just throw it in your car’s trunk and carry it to places without any worry. Let’s find out its best features.   

This electric wheelchair has world-class real 250W brushless dual motors with high power and torque to accept all road types and hills. Its features like Posi-traction help you overcome different terrains effortlessly. So, you will get a smooth ride on grass, dirt, gravel, mud, sand, and even snow. These features make this wheelchair a versatile model. 

It has a small turning radius which measures just 32 inches. With this, you can get around easily in tight areas or inside your home. It is responsive, fits all doors, and has no dead spots. Its excellent steering ability can help you go in any direction, thanks to its 360-degree Joystick. With this chair, you are sure to enjoy the sensitive turning abilities!  

Best of all, it comes fully assembled, so it does not matter from which part of the world you make an online order; you will get professional customer service for any help. You will also get a 3-year frame warranty, a 2-year controller and motor warranty, and a 1-year warranty on the battery. So, just grab these power chairs for seniors and adults and enjoy the outdoors!

2. Intelligent Foldable Electric Wheelchairs

Intelligent Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchairs

Coming to our second pick, it is a foldable power chair from Innuovo. We love this model because it offers many safety features like front and rear wheels, a 360-degree joystick, a foldable footrest, extremely durable construction, and dual motors. Based on our findings, let’s dive into what we love most about this wheelchair. 

This outdoor power chair is easy to operate as it has an innovative joystick design with an electric magnetic braking system. This gives you a quick stopping and exceptional motion control. Its anti-leaning rear design is adjustable and keeps the joystick stable. With its 2 lithium battery design, you can leave one battery side running for your wheelchair and backup your 2nd battery till then.

This wheelchair has a lightweight design and is easy to fold. It is built with an aluminum frame and weighs just 50lbs, making it one of the most compact and best wheelchairs for outdoors on our list. Plus, you can fold it in 3 seconds and keep it anywhere.  

Best of all, this wheelchair has a 7.5cm thick seat cushion along with a seat belt for precise stability and added comfort. You will feel extremely comfortable and will not get any bedsores or seat depression. Its cushion supports your joints perfectly and prevents them from twisting in the wrong direction. With these features, you must not miss Innuovo intelligent lightweight wheelchair at any cost.  

3. Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

As the name suggests, this wheelchair actually raises your pride when you take it outdoors. It has many features to offer like multiple color options, a 1-year warranty, heavy weight tolerance, faster speed, 18 mp batteries and a lot more. Our testers tested it for 2 hours and were impressed with its battery range. Let’s check out what we found more. 

First of all, we love its larger 18 amp battery. It is enough to take you to a long ride on a single charge. This outdoor power chair is robust enough to drive you wherever you want and, at the same time, is light enough to carry it. Though this is the best power wheelchair for outdoor use, it gives you equal pleasure indoors as well.

You might think it’s small; however, this model offers you so many color options that you get a lot of options to choose from. The following are the color options- Citrine Yellow, Ruby Red, Pearl White, Amber Orange, Rose Quartz, and Sapphire Blue. So, choose your favorite color and go outside to feel the adventure. 

The seat dimensions of this wheelchair can support 300 pounds, and it’s a ‘universal’ seat size. It will give you a comfortable feeling the moment you sit on it. You can ride up to 3.7 mph with its 18amp batteries and get improved agility due to its long wheelbase. With its compact turning radius, under-seat storage bins, and Dual swing-away, you are sure to love this best power wheelchair for outdoor use !!

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4. ELENKER Electric Wheelchair

Best power wheelchairs from Elenker

Coming to our fourth favorite pick is the Elenker power wheelchair. We got this electric wheelchair for sale. There are so many features that make us love this model, including its compact design, weight capacity, aluminum frame, powerful ride, sharp turning radius, and more. Let’s discuss each feature in detail below. 

Let’s start with the design of this wheelchair. It weighs just 41lbs, making it one of the most lightweight models in our review. But don’t let its light weight fool you because it can easily withstand 280lbs. This makes it a sturdy and flexible product.

This outdoor power chair has a strong aluminum frame, and you can fold it within 10 seconds only. So, it will fit your car or SUV trunk without any effort. Plus, its 250W brushless motors give you a powerful ride and save energy simultaneously. Other than that, it makes very less noise when you take sharp turns, making it an ideal product for narrow roads.  

Best of all, the Elenker wheelchair has supreme quality PU material tires that are extremely powerful and resist any wear and tear. So, even people with fatigue conditions and mobility impairments can use it both indoors and outdoors. So, if you want it for yourself or any other close friend, this best power wheelchair for outdoor use will not disappoint you. 

5. MALISA Electric Wheelchair 

MALISA Electric Wheelchair 

And our most awaited electric wheelchair from MALISA is here. This foldable power wheelchair will make your outdoor life so much easier. This compact yet sturdy wheelchair just weighs 53 lbs, so you can carry it wherever you want. And it has powerful motors with long-lasting lithium batteries. Let’s check out some of its exciting features.

With a Malisa electric wheelchair, you can cover a distance of 13+ miles. Its durable and foldable design makes it fold within a few seconds. Also, you can maneuver this motorized wheelchair into your car’s trunk easily. It can withstand 286 lbs weight and gives you a speed of 4 mph. Its 360-degree waterproof joystick helps you give easy control and includes an on/off button with an indicator light, horn, and speed selection buttons.

You get a 12AH lithium battery and 2 x 250W DC motors with this wheelchair for ultimate speed and range. Its electromagnetıc brake gives you a quick and smooth stopping. Just charge it for 6 to 8 hours and use it for hours. The sizes of its front wheels are 10 inches, and the rear wheel is 16 inches. Also, the seat is wide enough to give you total comfort.

Best of all, you can take the Malisa electric wheelchair on sandy, muddy, bumpy, snowy, brick, and grass effortlessly. For more comfort and safety, the company offers sturdy anti-tippers. So, it’s a risk-free purchase because what you get is freedom. Make sure you don’t let this outdoor power chair slip out of your hands.

Guide to Buy the Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

Different wheelchairs have different functions to perform, and each one comes with unique features. Since there are many options to choose from, you will face lots of confusion about buying the best one. Before buying electric wheelchairs for adults and seniors, let’s discuss the most important factors.

Guide to Buy the Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

Battery Range

Different wheelchairs have different power ranges. Many of them can take you to 10 to 20 miles with a single charge, and their batteries can last for 2-3 years. Several factors that influence a battery’s lifespan are influenced by many factors, including weight, usage, and maintaining a good charge.


People mostly buy the best power wheelchair for outdoor use only. So, it is important to consider disassembly and portability. Many models can easily be folded and carried, while others can be disassembled in many parts. On the other hand, some units also have extra padding to give you more comfort; however, they cannot be transported easily.

Product Weight

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider while buying a power chair for outdoor uses. Many times, the model’s weight does not include the battery’s weight. So, make sure you check it properly on the manufacturer’s website. Standard wheelchairs are usually heavy and weigh around 150 lbs, whereas lightweight pick weights range from 55-100 lbs. 

Storage Space 

Power or motorized wheelchairs usually have some storage space under or behind the unit. It is extremely useful for those who carry purses, medicines, or other items. Not only this, but electric wheelchairs also offer accessories like oxygen tanks or cane holders. 


Make sure you always check the review of the power wheelchair you will buy. First of all, try to buy models with long warranties because it shows the brand’s trust in their products. Also, remember that most warranties do not cover batteries or chargers. So, check this aspect before purchasing the best power wheelchair for outdoor use !

Turning Radius

Always check the turning radius of your power wheelchair to become sure that you can carry it in tight spaces. Some electric wheelchairs come with a 20-inch turning radius and some 40-inch space. Analyze your needs first, like where you will be using your wheelchair, your weight, and your budget and then only buy a product. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is a power or electric wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair, also known as a power wheelchair, helps people with mobility issues to move freely without any extra help from any caretaker. It is propelled by an electric motor that saves you from manual effort. Such a wheelchair includes a joystick with all controls needed to run it. It’s much better than any mobility scooter on the market. 

Q2. Can I use my power wheelchair in the rain?

Yes, you can use your outdoor motorized wheelchair in the rain but with caution. We suggest you avoid areas with heavy water patches and dry your chair after returning to your home. After that, leave it in a warm room to evaporate any water. 

Q3. How much weight can a power wheelchair carry?

Power or motorized wheelchairs can easily withstand 240-250 pounds of weight. Their weight capacity depends on the type of model you buy.

Q4. How fast do power wheelchairs drive?

An outdoor motorized wheelchair can run at 12 to 15 kph. The speed also depends on the model you purchase.

Q5. How long does a power wheelchair last?

Each charge can give you anywhere between 10 to 20 kilometers or up to 8-9 miles of distance coverage. To get a clear idea, you can read the instructions on each model. 

Some Last Words

Outdoor power wheelchairs can provide many benefits for those with limited mobility. They allow users to travel farther and enjoy the outdoors more easily than traditional manual wheelchairs. So, if you’re looking for the best power wheelchair for outdoor use that will allow you to travel over uneven ground, grass, or gravel paths, then make sure you go through our review guide.

We’ve looked at some of the best outdoor power wheelchairs on the market and shared our top picks with you. We hope you find the best one that fits your all needs. Now get ready to hit the great outdoors with one of these best wheelchairs. 

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